Seder Guidelines

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Archdiocese of Louisville

Stati Uniti d'America       1979

Parishes which choose to hold a Seder meal to foster a knowledge of the rituals of our Jewish neighbors should be careful:

a) that a study of contemporary Judaism precedes the occasion, so that parishioners understand that this is a living ritual meal, not something of the past or replaced by the Eucharist;
b) that you consider seeking the help of a Jewish couple/family to conduct the ritual correctly; caution should be used in attempting to create any direct ties between Seder and the Last Supper;

c) that the changes you make in the ritual are not destructive to the rite of a true Seder meal, or contrary to authentic Jewish traditions;

d) that if you are not using an authentic Jewish ritual for the Seder, but are having a parish meal to celebrate the beginning of the Easter Triduum on Holy Thursday, that you call your meal by another name, e.g. an “agape”, which means “love feast”.

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