A Declaration on the Relationship between Christians and Jews

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The Baden Provincial Synod of the German Evangelical Church

Germania       05/1984

1. The Evangelical Synod of Baden obeys the command of history to gain, in conformity with biblical teaching, a new relationship of the Church towards the Jewish people. Throughout the centuries, Christian theology, Church preaching, instruction and Church action were vitiated by the idea that the Jewish people were rejected by God. This Christian anti-Judaism became one of the roots of anti-Semitism. Accordingly we, being concerned, profess that Christendom in Germany bears a joint responsibility for and guilt at the Holocaust.

2. In our endeavour for a new understanding, we gratefully acknowledge the inseparable link between the Old and New Testament. We are realizing this relationship on the basis of God’s promise: God gives, fulfills and re-affirms it anew. The ‘New’ does not replace the ‘Old’.

3. We believe in God’s faithfulness. He has chosen his people Israel and he stands by the election. Therefore, we must contradict when it is said that Israel has been rejected by God. Nor is the election of Israel cancelled by the election of the Church out of Jews and Gentiles. We Christians acknowledge our allegiance to Jesus who was a Jew, believing that he is the Lord who was crucified for us all, resurrected and is certain to return, the savior of the world. It pains and saddens us to think that this confession separates us from the faith of the Jewish people. In the belief in Jesus Christ and obedient to him, we want to understand anew our relationship to the Jews, cherishing our ties with them.

4. We acknowledge, with the Jews, God as the creator of heaven and earth. We believe, with the Jews, that justice and love are God’s guidance for the whole of our lives. We hope, with the Jews, for a new heaven and a new earth, and with them we want the power of this hope for justice and peace to be a living force in this world

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