The Second Vatican Council will not be negotiable

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Conference of Catholic Bishops of France - Permanent Council

Francia       28/01/2009

The lifting of the excommunication of the four bishops of the Fraternity Saint Pius X by the Holy See is drawing numerous reactions in Catholic opinion as well as that of society.

The coinciding of this announcement with the revelation of the position Bishop Williamson, denying the tragedy of the extermination of the Jews, has caused a condemnation that can not be sustained.

The bishops of France strongly condemn the outrageous and unacceptable words of Bishop Williamson.

They reiterate their commitment of dialogue and friendship with the French Jewish community.

They bear in mind that Benedict XVI continues to carry out his commitment to a fruitful relationship between Jews and Christians. They strongly emphasize that the lifting of the excommunication is not a pardon. It is the starting point on a long road that will require a precise dialogue. In any case, the Second Vatican Council will not be negotiable. No ecclesial group can serve as a substitute for the magisterium.

The bishops have welcomed the willingness of the Holy Father to go to the limit in offering an invitation of reconciliation. They are in communion with him in the exercise of episcopal vigilance. They express their support and gratitude to the priests, deacons, religious and laity who make up the Catholic Church in France[…]

(Thanks to fr. M. Watson and Dr. Alan Brill)

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