Theology of the Land and Covenant

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Church of Scotland - Study Group

Scozia       05/2003

 The Study Group, with membership from the Board of World Mission, the Panel on Doctrine and the Committee on Church and Nation, was set up by the General Assembly of 2001 in response to the section of the Church and Nation Report on Jerusalem. It declared, "The Churches in the West, our own included, have continued to struggle to reach an understanding of the contemporary conflict in Israel-Palestine. Some of the struggle has been due to the idea that the contemporary state of Israel can be assumed to be coterminous with the Ancient Israel found in the Bible. The consequence of this is then presumed to be that as Christians we must support the modern secular state of Israel. This interpretation then colours the understanding of Israel's treatment of Palestinians and Palestinian land, asserting a special right of Israel to the land and its resources over and above the rights of all others" (4.3.1). The Study Group was also asked to take on board a Petition, in the name of Moira Kennedy and others, presented to the same Assembly. Although not accepted by the Assembly in the form in which it was presented, it raised questions concerning the way in which Old Testament material, such as the conquest of Canaan, had been used to justify what has happened to the Palestinian people today.

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